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Tour of North Shore and Waimea Waterfall

Quick Details

Waikiki pick up is approximately 7:00 am. Varies 5-10 minutes depending on pick up location.

Ohana Package - Adult 13 years & older
Ohana Package - Child 3-12 years old
Lap Child 2 yrs old & under - FREE


Waikiki Pickup (7:00 am – 7:30 am)
Embark on a journey through Oahu with our semi-private shuttle, offering pickups between 7:00 am and 7:30 am in Waikiki. There are six designated pickup locations in Waikiki, each corresponding to specific hotels. Upon booking, customers will be automatically assigned the pickup location based on their hotel in Waikiki. A knowledgeable local guide will be there to assist and guide you, ensuring you are well-prepared for a day filled with exploration.

Diamond Head – Amelia Earhart Lookout an Aviators Vista
Our initial stop takes us to an elevated viewpoint nestled on the eastern slopes of the renowned Diamond Head Volcano in Waikiki. This vantage point provides an excellent opportunity to capture stunning photographs of Oahu’s southeastern coastline, offering panoramic views that extend to notable landmarks such as Hanauma Bay and, on clear days, even as far as Maui. Familiarly referred to as the Aviator’s Vista, this location carries historical significance as the site where spectators gathered to witness Amelia Earhart embark on her pioneering first solo
aviation journey from Hawaii to North America.

Halona Blowhole
Marvel at the natural wonder created by molten lava tubes from Oahu’s Koko Head crater at the Halona Blowhole. This unique formation, resulting from volcanic eruptions, sends water shooting through a narrow opening in the lava tube, creating a captivating Hawaiian geyser when the surf is just right.

Makapu’u Point
Embarking on the path to Oahu’s windward side, prepare to be captivated by the breathtaking drama of Waimanalo’s sea cliffs at Makapu’u Point. Let the deep sapphire waters unfold before your eyes, and as you gaze upon the seascape, behold the allure of Oahu’s Manana Island, famously named Rabbit Island for its enchanting contours resembling a whimsical rabbit against the backdrop of the ocean’s indigo expanse.

Hawaiian Coffee and Macadamia Nut Delights
After a picturesque drive along Oahu’s eastern coastline, delight in a one-of-a-kind tasting experience at a distinctive macadamia nut shop nestled beneath towering Banyan Trees. Immerse yourself in the distinct flavors of exquisite Kona coffee, relish the richness of macadamia nuts, and succumb to the allure of Hawaiian chocolates, all within the tropical charm of this unique find.

Chinaman’s Hat and Kualoa Valley Mountain Range
Immerse yourself in the scenic wonders of Chinaman’s Hat, or Mokoli’i, harmoniously framed by the majestic Kualoa Valley Mountain range. Renowned for its cinematic splendor showcased in iconic films like Jurassic Park, this island earned its moniker from the straw hats worn by Chinese immigrants toiling in Oahu’s sugar plantations during the early 1900s. As you absorb the panoramic beauty, envision the historical tapestry woven into this landscape and appreciate the island’s unique blend of natural allure and cultural history.

Pali Lookout
Perched atop the rugged cliffs of the Ko’olau Range on Oahu, the Pali Lookout offers visitors breathtaking panoramic views of the island’s windward side. Known for its historical significance in the Battle of Nu’uanu, where King Kamehameha I secured his victory in uniting the Hawaiian Islands, the lookout provides a glimpse into both natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. With strong winds often sweeping through the area, it’s a must-visit destination for those seeking awe-inspiring vistas and a sense of Hawaiian history.

Local North Shore Restaurant
Take a break for lunch at a local restaurant, offering the renowned North Shore Garlic Shrimp plate and other local delicacies. Non-shellfish and vegetarian options are available, and don’t forget to bring cash for lunch.

North Shore Tropical Fruit Stands
Visit a North Shore tropical fruit stand, where you can savor ice-cold coconuts, fresh mangos, and other tropical treats. This delightful stop offers a refreshing array of locally sourced fruits to enhance your journey through the vibrant flavors of Hawaii.

North Shore Sunset Beach
Escape the crowds and experience the serenity of Sunset Beach on the North Shore. This picturesque Hawaiian beach offers tranquility, though during winter months, witnesses impressive swells ranging from 30 to 40 feet from the safety of the shore.

Waimea Botanical Garden and Waterfall ( Swimming allowed depending on the weather)
Immerse yourself in the extraordinary botanical collections at Waimea Valley. Explore diverse gardens featuring flora from various parts of the world, including the Ogasawara Islands, Central and South America, Fiji, Guam, and the Mascarene Islands. Wander through the Hawaiian collection, showcasing rare and endangered plants brought to Hawaii from their places of origin. Don’t miss the captivating waterfall in the garden, where swimming is allowed, and lifeguards are present. Life jackets are required.

Dole Pineapple Plantation
Conclude your day at the historic Dole Pineapple Plantation, home to pineapple-themed souvenirs such as magnets, t-shirts, keychains, and the iconic Dole Whip pineapple ice cream. It’s the perfect way to wrap up your day of exploration.

Waikiki Return (3:30 pm – 4:00 pm)
As the day’s adventures come to an end, we return to Waikiki between 3:30 pm and 4:00 pm, leaving you with ample time to plan your evening. Mahalo for joining us on this unforgettable journey! Please note that tour stop destinations and times may vary to maximize customer enjoyment and experience.